Versatex delivers customized supply chain solutions for B2B marketplaces in a variety of industries, including healthcare, higher education, pharmaceutical, and GPO collaboratives.
We partner with procurement professionals grappling with time-consuming, non-strategic, low ROI activities – to streamline processes, aggregate sourcing, capture savings opportunities and maximize transparency within their supply base.

Tail Spend Savings

Reveal strategic savings opportunities in your unmanaged spend. 

By managing your non-strategic or low value spend, Versatex allows your procurement professionals to re-focus time and resources on greater ROI opportunities.
Versatex offers a range of integrated solutions, including:

Customized Supplier Fitting

Versatex ensures your supplier base is a perfect fit with your organization's goals, maximizing ROI while simultaneously delivering best value, highest quality, and stable compliance.

Process Recalibration

Versatex decreases your costs without a decreased quality of service by standardizing your processes, ultimately driving enhanced end-to-end efficiency.

Spend Diversification

Versatex helps you identify and source diverse suppliers for even your most specialized categories. Our Spend Diversification delivers the convenience of managing the complexities that often arise from working with smaller vendors - so you can focus on more strategic spend.

Aggregated Spend & Supplier Optimization

Versatex provides complete transparency into each step of the procurement to payment (P2P) system by standardizing your spend analytics, inventory control, and documentation. This allows you to work through an aggregator in real time across all your locations (versus having to manage hundreds or even thousands of vendors).

P2P Streamlining

Versatex streamlines and automates the management of required approvals to ensure all payments are accurate and verified, reducing overpayment and audit risk. By providing complete transparency into each step from procurement to payment, we ensure that all payments are supported with the necessary documentation while keeping your suppliers paid on-time.

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Compliance Risk

Mitigate supply risk through enforcement and diversification

Address Non-Compliance and tackle Maverick Spending, while increasing the diversity of your supply base. Versatex offers integrated solutions, including:

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Spend Visibility

Quality data and analytics

Quality data provides valuable insights into mid-tail savings opportunities, while you gain visibility into indirect spend.
Versatex offers a range of integrated solutions, including:

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Process Efficiency

Improve cycle time consistency and predictability

We understand the value of process and e developed tools to deliver sourcing and procurement efficiency.
Versatex offers a range of integrated solutions, including:

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Supplier Management

The best suppliers in all the right places

When it comes to a tangled supplier base, your vendors can become the weakest link. We ensure that every contract is expertly managed, and each vendor is held accountable for performance.
Versatex offers a range of integrated solutions, including:

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